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The exploitation of gastrointestinal emission professionals: no end in sight!

Have you seen this, gentle readers? From respected scholarly journal The Daily Mail, in the United Kingdom:

Married mother-of-two, 48, claims she makes $4,200 A MONTH by selling videos of herself FARTING online (and even follows a special diet to help her 'performance')”

The full reference is here.

As the article states, Ms. Martin earns just $4,200 per month for her work—or roughly $50,400 per year. For a family of 4, that places Ms. Martin’s wages at slightly less than 200% above the U.S. federal poverty line of $26,500. In most urban areas in the country, this is not enough to thrive—and certainly not enough to afford Ms. Martin the steady diet of brassica and pulses she requires to do her best work. (Although the article does not state so explicitly, we can infer that her partner is unable to earn wages, as he most likely is debilitated by laughter, or by exposure to fumes, or likely both. No mention is made of disability insurance claims, either, but such claims are unlikely to be fruitful given the nature of the ailment.)

Let us also note that Ms. Martin “only record[s] her videos when her family isn't in the house.” Why the reticence? Why the hiding and subterfuge?

The shaming of gastrointestinal humorists must end, for shame and exploitation are two sides of the same foul coin.

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